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Our Experiences

Nothing like Nature provides nature-based wellbeing sessions including
Forest Therapy (also known as Forest Bathing, Shinrin Yoku) and Nature Journaling Workshops,
with family-friendly sessions available in school holidays.
Sessions are conducted in beautiful natural environments, they are evidence-based and associated with a range of benefits for mind and body, and conclude with Australian-flavoured light refreshments.

We also provide on-line nature journaling, and interactive education sessions for schools, community groups and businesses to support nature-based wellbeing indoors and outdoors. Indivdiual sessions

Forest Therapy is where nature is the therapist (not talk therapy). Immerse in nature with a guided, gentle wander with suggested activities designed to awaken your senses, engage your curiosity and calm your nervous system.


Dr Kathleen Bagot can speak with your corporate, community or education group about the benefits of time in nature. Presentations include interactive sessions which can be tailored to a theme or event. Sessions can be conducted indoors or outdoors.


Nature journaling is as simple as noticing something in nature and recording what you have noticed on a page. It can be a combination of creativity, science and mindfulness.


Our nature-based wellbeing sessions can reduce stress and anxiety, and increase feelings of calm and happiness. And more. If you are a healthcare provider looking to refer people to evidence-based, individual or small group sessions, please get in touch.


Family Friendly Nature Immersions during school holidays

Family-friendly nature immersions explore being with nature in different ways,
including nature treasure hunts and creating art with natural elements.

Two-hour family sessions are designed for adults and children of any age to awaken senses, ignite curiosity
and be more mindful. Connect
with each other and with nature.

Children to be accompanied by an adult. Light refreshments included.


Previous feedback - “It was very family friendly and very calming.” and "Really memorable and special.


Tickets and more information

Braeside Park 9:30am-11:30am, Wednesday 3 July 2024


Brimbank Park 9:30am-11:30am, Tuesday 9 July 2024


1xAdult and 1xChild $30, add $10 per additional person (adult, child)



Come and awaken your senses, explore the beautiful natural world and bring some wonder to your day.

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