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There really is nothing like nature

Welcome to Nothing Like Nature - my nature-based wellbeing space. I'm Kathleen and I have always been drawn to spend time in nature - green spaces, blue spaces - and now I'm delighted to be able to offer opportunities for others to be in nature. There are so many benefits of time in nature - calming, invigorating, immune-boosting, improving memory, attention and creativity - and so no matter when or where I venture out, the incredible thing is that I can find nature offering exactly what I need. Hence the name - Nothing Like Nature.

I am guiding forest therapy sessions for adults and families with children of all ages, sharing the joys of nature journaling and continuing to connect with nature. With a PhD in environmental psychology, my practices are evidence-based, backed by science and tailored to maximise benefits for each session. I also have decades of experience wandering barefoot, noticing the many delights of nature awakening all of my senses. I am looking forward to seeing you out there; and in the meantime, I hope you get to notice something in nature today.

This photo shows me on Wonga country, known as Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula with lots of my favourites - dappled light, bare feet, surrounded by nature. This day I also was nature journaling some of the elements I noticed.

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