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Let's slow down and wander

Nothing like Nature provides nature-based wellbeing sessions including
Forest Therapy, Nature Immersions, and Nature Journaling Workshops.

All are conducted in beautiful natural environments, they are evidence-based and associated with a range of benefits for mind and body, and conclude with light refreshments.

We also provide interactive education sessions for schools, community groups and businesses to support nature-based wellbeing indoors and outdoors.

Natue Immersion
with Natur
e Journaling

Mindful time in nature

This two-hour session is designed for you to be present and mindful. We start with a guided sensory exploration during a wander in nature and then capture some of the experience on the page with writing, drawing or both.

Suitable for complete beginners with all materials supplied. Your guide provides ideas, warm-up activities and templates. Or design your own. As you prefer.

Small groups of 8 people aged 15 years and over. Introductory offer of $45 per person, including light refreshments and take-home nature journal pages you create plus skills and ideas from the session.

Sunday 8 October, 10 am to noon

at Ricketts Point Beaumaris

Sunday 12 November, 10 am to noon

at Arthurs Seat, Mornington Peninsula


Family Friendly Nature Immersions during school holidays

Family-friendly nature immersions explore being with nature in different ways.

Two-hour family sessions are designed for adults and children of any age to awaken senses, ignite curiosity
and be more mindful. Connect
with each other and with nature. Children to be accompanied by an adult.


Previous feedback - “It was very family friendly and very calming.” and "Really memorable and special.

Tickets and more information

Thursday 21 September at Ricketts Point

Thursday 28 September at Arthurs Seat, Mornington Peninsula

Adult and Child $15 each, $10 per additional person (adult, child)


Come and awaken your senses, explore the beautiful natural world and bring some wonder to your day.

Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy sessions are a preventative public health practice, inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku (translates as 'immersion in the forest atmosphere') and now available world-wide.

Research shows benefits for minds and bodies. They are 2 to 3 hours in duration, slowly wandering between 1-2 kilometres in small groups.

Your guide offers gentle, immersive practices to engage all of your senses, ignite your curiosity and help you to turn off from the outside world. Sessions are conducted mostly in quietness within beautiful green spaces. Our small group Forest Therapy sessions follow a standardised sequence as based on the International Core Curriculum for Forest Therapy (ICCFT). After sessions, people feel calmer, happier and more relaxed.

Arthurs Seat, Mornington Peninsula

Sunday 29 October, 10am to noon

$45 including all fees


Nature Immersions

Nature immersions are conducted in a wide range of natural environments, including green leafy spaces and blue watery spaces. All immersions include slow wandering and a range of practices to sink into what nature is offering. These may include guided mindfulness of natural elements, exploring the scents and textures of our surroundings or co-creating nature-inspired art forms. Your guide supports you to connect with nature and to connect with yourself. Immersions are between 1-3 hours and we wander up to 2 kilometres.

Family Friendly Nature Immersions are available during school holidays and have previously sold out.

Bespoke immersions can be designed to celebrate your loved ones. Get in touch.

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Kathleen is an extremely skilled Forest Therapy Guide who provided an incredible, informative and immersive therapeutic experience


Give this a go! You will only know what this is like when you experience it yourself. Kathleen is a great guide.


Kathleen was a very knowledgeable guide and made it easy for us to get the most out of the experience.


The Forest Therapy session led by Kathleen was a very informative and lovely experience. I felt relaxed, energised, and more positive at the end.


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